About Us

L-R: Kevin Tincher, Owner, Mollly Shanley, Judy Alexander-Eitzman, Lee-Ann Haley, Liz Tincher, Owner.

Staff: L-R – Kevin Tincher – Owner, Mollie Shanly, Judy Alexander-Eitzman, LeeAnne Haley, Liz Tincher – Owner.

BRPP was created with the vision of linking our local food producers and local artisans with the greater community and providing a space to educate and distribute goods that enhances the local food movement, promotes ideas of sustainability, educates the health-conscious consumers and promotes the intricate web of food with the interchange of ideas and products within the community.

Our mission is to link together the local producers of food-based products and local crafts with the community and provide a network of consumers and producers. BRPP’s secondary goal is one of education about the viability of the local food movement and consumers’ concerns over sustainable, healthy and conscious food choices. We strive to create a hub of activity related to food, artists, consumers, farmers, workshop attendees and the community.